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Acadia during the 17th Century

Minas Basin 1693 with Names of Settlers

Port Royal about 1700

Port Royal 1733

Port Royal, Beaubassin, Grand Pre, etc.

Ft. Beausejour

See Books page for map of Quebe


Colonial French LA

El Camino Real de los Tejas - Louisiana: The old highway ran from over 1600 miles from Los Adaes [present-day Robeline, LA] to Mexico City

The Louisiana Acadian Coast

Divisions of the original Attakapas District

Division of Territory of Orleans into Counties in 1805 & Map of Attakapas County

Iberia Parish

Iberia Parish - Color

Map of Route Taken from New Orleans to New Iberia by Malaguenos Settlers

Map of Louisiana Parishes, Map of the Tourist Regions and List of 22 Parishes Known as The Acadiana Parishes

List of Louisiana Parishes with Parish Creation Dates, Created From and Parish Seats

Map of the Bayou Teche [Source: acadiana profile The Magazine of the Cajun Country, Vol. 29 No. 4 June 2010, p. 34]

Bayou Teche Snake Sculpture

River Road Map -  Map in PDF of towns, communities, settlements, etc. along both sides of the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans

Old-New Place Names in Louisiana

Map of SE Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast showing: New Orleans, Mississippi River, Lake Maurepas, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, Gulf of Mexico, Gulfport and Biloxi


Map of 10 parishes in the Greater New Orleans area:

parish gif

Greater New Orleans area showing English Turn

english turn

English Turn

From The Second Voyage to the Mississippi, The Journal of the Renommee by Iberville

 "...From Cape San Antonio I steered for the Biloxy Bay anchorage, at which I arrived on January 8, 1700, and moored with two anchors in 21 feet of water.

The 9th. In the morning M. De Sauvolle came aboard. I learned from him that the garrison was in good health, although four men had died, among them two Canadians, one buccaneer, and one enlisted man for La Rochelle.

He told me that an English corvette of ten guns, commanded by Captain Louis Bance, had entered the Mississippi and gone 25 leagues upstream, where my brother, De Bienville, with five men in two bark canoes, had come across the corvette at anchor, awaiting favorable winds to go higher upstream. My brother sent two men to tell him to immediately leave the country, which was in the possession of the king, and that, if he did not leave, he would force him to. With this he complied after talking with my brother, whom he knew from having seen him with me at Hudson Bay, where I captured this captain."


Hainaut (Origin of the passengers on La Loire, the Louisiana Mayflower)

Canary Islands and Spain

Canary Islands

Malaga, Spain

San Sebastian, Spain (Basque area)


Belle-Ile en Mer - Under English control when the Acadians were exiled. Returned to French control in the Treaty of 1762.  On November 8, 1765, 78 Acadian families arrived as settlers.  The declarations made by these Acadians provide links back to their ancestors in Acadia.

Map of French Provinces before 1789 Revolution


St. Malo


West Indies: Greater and Lesser Antilles

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