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List of Foreigners in the District of Opelousas and Attakapas and in New Iberia, May 15, 1781

In 1977, Dr. Glenn R. Conrad published an article in the Attakapas Gazette [Vol. XII 1977, pgs. 137-140] entitled Friend of Foe? Religious Exiles at the Opelousas Post in The American Revolution.  In the article, Dr. Conrad explains that the arrival of English settlers from Natchez in February 1780 and sixty Irish and German refugees from Fort Pitt on June 24, 1780 led the Commandant of the Opelousas and Attakapas Districts to take a census on May 15, 1781 of all "foreigners" in Opelousas, Attakapas and New Iberia.  They were also required to turn in their weapons. The list  includes individuals who arrived before the 1780 group, e.g. Abshire, Anderson, Beard, Berwick, Miller, Smith. [Note: Abshire and Beard shown as Americans were on the Sept. 3, 1779 list of men from New Iberia brought to Pointe Coupee by Francisco Bouligny - see Galvez Rosters

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