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Fonville Historic Photography Collection

The following information was provided by Mr. Bob Winans who represents The Fonville Historic Photography Collection that is housed in the Hill Memorial Library at LSU in Baton Rouge.

Fonville Winans (1911-1988) was Louisiana's unofficial Photographer. He first came to Louisiana in 1930 to assist his father in building the Bayou Ramous Bridge near Morgan City. He fell in love with the state, bought a boat, The Pintail, and began photographing its many wonderful site and people. As an official photographer for LSU and the state during the Leche administration, he was able to photograph festivals, people and industry throughout the state. His documentary work was mainly from 1930 to 1955. More information concerning Fonville can be found at  and

This past January with the assistance of Ms Faye Phillips (LSU Libraries), I was able to scan and upload the entire collection to Yahoo's Flickr. Over 2000 Historic Louisiana Photographs are now online at

Our purpose now is to find out as much information as possible about events, people and places depicted in these images and store them along with images at LSU for all future generations to enjoy. People viewing this collection on the web will be able to leave Notes, Tags and Comments on each image.

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