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Acadian Museum Genealogy Information Form

Hurricane Rita destroyed the Family Genealogies that had been submitted to the Acadian Museum in Erath, LA. prior to CMA 1999

This page will capture the information needed to reconstruct the Family Genealogies. With your approval, the information provided will be uploaded in Outline Descendant Tree [ODT] format to The Acadian Museum Family Genealogies Page.

Genealogy research is available for a nominal fee for those who need assistance to trace lines upward to the progenitors.

Please provide as much information as possible for each ancestor.

Please provide your name and email



Father's Name
Father's Date/Place of Birth
Parents's Date/Place of Marriage


Mother's First & Maiden Name
Mother's Date/Place of Birth

Paternal Grandfather

Paternal Grandfather's Name
Paternal Grandfather's Date/Place of Birth
Paternal Grandparents's Date/Place of Marriage

Paternal Grandmother

Paternal Grandmother's First & Maiden Name
Paternal Grandmother's Date/Place of Birth

Maternal Grandfather

Maternal Grandfather's Name
Maternal Grandfather's Date/Place of Birth
Maternal Grandparents's Date/Place of Marriage

Maternal Grandmother

Maternal Grandmother's First & Maiden Name
Maternal Grandmother's Date/Place of Birth

Paternal Great-Grandfather

Paternal Great-Grandfather's Name
Paternal Great-Grandfather's Date/Place of Birth
Paternal Great-Grandparents's Date/Place of Marriage

Paternal Great-Grandmother

Paternal Great-Grandmother's First & Maiden Name
Paternal Great-Grandmother's Date/Place of Birth

Maternal Great-Grandfather

Maternal Great-Grandfather's Name
Maternal Great-Grandfather's Date/Place of Birth
Maternal Great-Grandparents's Date/Place of Marriage

Maternal Great-Grandmother

Maternal Great-Grandmother's First & Maiden Name
Maternal Great-Grandmother's Date/Place of Birth

Paternal Great-Great-Grandfather

Paternal GG-Grandfather's Name
Paternal GG-Grandfather's Date/Place of Birth
Paternal GG-Grandparents's Date/Place of Marriage

Paternal Great-Great-Grandmother

Paternal GG-Grandmother's First & Maiden Name
Paternal GG-Grandmother's Date/Place of Birth

Maternal Great-Great-Grandfather

Maternal GG-Grandfather's Name
Maternal GG-Grandfather's Date/Place of Birth
Maternal GG-Grandparents's Date/Place of Marriage

Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother

Maternal GG-Grandmother's First & Maiden Name
Maternal GG-Grandmother's Date/Place of Birth


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